20 September 2007

Instant Gratification

I spent over seven hours today, without a single break, standing in front of my Bolton Hill walnut entrance doors, trying once again to liberate them from countless layers of paint. Seven passes of ZipStrip today, in addition to PeelAway the last time around, and I doubt I got even ten percent more accomplished.

With Rosh Hashanah dinner for thirteen guests only three nights away and much left to do, I was glad that starching and ironing napkins awaited - finally, a task I could complete.

Ironing quickly allows me to render something perfect. And I love, love, love starch - the stuff in the bottle, not the can. Spray starch is convenient, but can be messy, and I've yet to find a brand up to the challenge of starching a napkin into total attention.

An hour and fifteen napkins later, I could finally say I had had a productive day.

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